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The Cave Mirror Registry

by Jon Miles

As many of us know, Cave mirrors are usually inscribed on their edge with the words “Cave Optical Co.” a serial number, the focal ratio and focal length along with the date they were finished.

I would like to start a registry of Cave mirrors. I have started collecting mirror information from CN posts, the Cave Yahoo group, various CN, AM and eBay sales as well as the two Caves I own, and have put them in a spreadsheet ordered by inscription date.

In the column marked ‘Documentation’ I have indicated whether the source of my information was Personal Inspection, a Picture, or a text Description. One interesting facet of Cave mirrors is that some have “Cave Optical Co.” inscribed in cursive writing while some are a block letter engraving and I have a column noting this. On entries where I only had a description of the mirror engraving, the style of the engraving is usually not mentioned.

Where the mirror was part of a complete scope I have noted the model. Many of the mirrors where a model is not listed were for sale as a loose mirror not in an OTA.

To add your mirror to the registry or follow the discussion on Cloudy Nights, please click on "Submit mirror" below to get to the Cave Mirror Registry thread.

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- - - Jon Miles